Top Wedding Cake Flavors Of 2018


If you don’t know where to start in choosing your wedding cake, here’s your step one: the top wedding cake flavors, and how to spruce them up to make it truly yours!



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Nowadays, vanilla is often synonymous with ‘bland’ or ‘plain’, but don’t leave the article just yet—vanilla is the most versatile of all cake flavors, and is often used a canvas for exciting flavor combinations ranging from tropical fruits to spices and seeds. However, you’d be surprised how well vanilla cake can stand well on its own, too! If you want to know what the fuss is all about with this so-called ‘plain’ flavor, it’s all about using good vanilla beans and the right type of vanilla beans. Madagascar Bourbon, Mexican, Indonesian, and Tahitian vanilla beans are one of the best in the market, each with their own distinct and rich flavors that’ll definitely elevate your cake from basic to brilliant.



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Stepping outside the realm of the Hershey’s or Cadbury candy bars we grew up with, chocolate isn’t just a one-note flavor, and incorporating this to your wedding cake opens up dozens of possibilities for a ‘grown-up’ chocolate wedding cake. Opting for a rich, dark chocolate flavor and pairing with it berries is one of the best chocolate cake flavors out there, as is the entire concept of straying from the one-dimensional sweetness of chocolate. It’s always nice to mix in your favorite flavors as well (think orange and chocolate!) and when all else fails—who won’t love a little chocolate frosting?



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Red Velvet

We all know that red velvet cake is just a vehicle for the swaths of amazing cream cheese frosting surrounding the many tiers, and there’s nothing wrong with that! A rich, moist, slightly tangy cake will always be a crowd favorite, and rightly so. It’s definitely a cheat day type of wedding cake, what with the amounts of frosting needed to cover up three tiers—which, at your wedding, you should totally treat yourself—but if you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you can always opt for a sugar-free substitute or have a naked red velvet cake to cut back on the frosting.



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Perfect for (though certainly not limited to) springtime weddings, a lemon wedding cake is a great way to add a zesty sweetness to your wedding menu, especially when you’ve had a rich and filling main course. A super light and fluffy lemon cake is a dessert that won’t offend the waistline, and it’s more than just sweetness! Pairing this cake with a tart and floral buttercream flavor like elderflower adds dimension and a touch of sophistication to a simple, citrusy cake flavor.



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If red velvet cake is supposed to be a vehicle for cream cheese frosting, a carrot cake is an antithesis, in that the frosting actually cuts down the density and richness of carrot cake. With that being said, carrot cake lends itself to deeper favors like mixed spices, which makes it perfect for a wedding during the colder months. To make it extra special, carrot cake also lends itself to various toppings like coconut, nuts, and dried fruit—it’s almost an entirely new meal in itself, and that’s always a good thing.


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