30-Day Wedding Countdown

The last thirty days before your wedding consists of ironing out the final kinks and creases, and it’s all about roping all of your resources in before your big day. Here are the essential final four weeks of your wedding planning before you get hitched!



Charisse Kenion


Wijdan Mq

Four Weeks To Go

☐ Finalize and pick up wedding attire

☐ Begin bridal beauty trials

☐ Write your vows

☐ Buy (or make) wedding favors


Jordan Arnold


Jeremy Wong

Three Weeks To Go

☐ Get your marriage license

☐ Confirm all RSVPs and finalize your guest list

☐ Create seating charts and table cards

☐ Finalize wedding playlists


Nick Karvounis


Ibrahim Boran

Two Weeks To Go

☐ Confirm your wedding schedule with all suppliers

☐ Create and finalize your wedding timeline

☐ Prepare your wedding photography checklist

☐ Pack for your honeymoon


Levi Alvarez


Tamara Menzi

One Week To Go

☐ Cut and color your hair

☐ Break your shoes in

☐ Pick up your wedding bands

☐ Plan and finalize all payments for suppliers


Marisa Morton


Thomas William

The Day Before

☐ Prepare tips for your suppliers

☐ Have a mani-pedi session

☐ Pack your wedding night bag

☐ Get some rest!


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